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Microsoft Power Platform

Accelerate growth, realise governance, and innovate with Power Platform; a suite of cloud-based applications supporting data analysis, process automation, application development, and virtual agents

Power Platform

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of low-code, cloud-based applications which enable rapid development of custom solutions for addressing specific business challenges.

Being low-code, Power Platform is accessible to a range of users, whether that’s the end-user or the developer, enabling the development of intuitive solutions that meet the needs of the end-user and business.

The suite of applications includes; Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents. Each application is designed to solve specific challenges, and when used collectively enable businesses to build comprehensive solutions that streamline processes, automate manual tasks, analyse data, and enhance your user and customer engagements. Fundamentally driving secure innovation, productivity and growth.


What is included in Power Platform?

Power Platform is built on Microsoft Azure. By leveraging the scalability and security that comes with Azure, Power Platform is reliable, scalable and secure option for businesses wanting to streamline their operations.

  • Power BI

    Turn raw data into actionable insights with Microsoft Power BI, a dynamic business analytics and data visualisation application. Power BI will connect your data from Microsoft and 3rd party applications and transform it into interactive visuals and custom dashboards for enhanced insights. Find out more about Power BI and BCN’s business intelligence services.

    Explore Power BI

  • Power Apps

    Create custom business applications with Microsoft Power Apps, a powerful low-code development platform. The Power App visual interface allows users to drag-and-drop components, use pre-built templates, and connect to data sources enabling rapid application development that integrates with Microsoft and 3rd party tools.

    Explore Power Apps

  • Power Automate

    Streamline complex processes and automate repetitive, manual tasks with Microsoft Power Automate, a low code automation tool that works across Microsoft and 3rd party applications. The application enables users to design workflows and connect data sources to enhance user productivity and efficiency.


  • Power Pages

    Create professional websites that expose elements of your businesses Dataverse data to authenticated users.  A low-code way to gain client engagement, self-service functionality and partner operations in a secure delivery platform.


  • Power Virtual Agents

    Develop chatbots for customer engagements, internal support and automation with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, a no-code tool that integrates across Microsoft applications. Incorporating pre-built templates, natural language processing (NLP), Power Virtual Agents is a powerful tool for businesses wanting to create interactive chatbots.


Benefits of Power Platform for businesses

Turn your ideas into powerful solutions.

With Microsoft Power Platform, businesses can increase their productivity by automating processes, accelerate innovation with intuitive applications, and integrate seamlessly with the existing IT environment.

Here are key benefits of investing in Microsoft Power Platform:

  • Allows you to manage all business processes in a single platform

  • Reduces your dependency on third-party tools

  • Fully integrated into Office 365 and integrates seamlessly with hundreds of other systems via native cloud flows (and custom integrations if required)

  • Enables secure and governable assets which can scale as your organisation does

  • Delivers tangible value through improved accuracy, efficiency, process time and user adoption

Support services

How can BCN support your business with Power Platform?

Our team of technical specialists have evolved our best practice approach that guides our Power Platform projects. Enabling us to understand your business, processes, users, and requirements whilst delivering solutions that make commercial sense within tight timelines.

From predictive analytics and advanced automation to custom built applications, BCN has the expertise to create outcome-focused solutions that get to the heart of your challenges.

  • Power BI

    Leveraging our structured approach, our teams build end-to-end solutions consisting of a data cube, reports, and dashboards. By following our best practice approach and utilising our own IP, BCN deliver rapid Power BI solutions for our clients. Our team also include specialist data engineers who can tackle the most complex of data challenges.

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  • Power Apps

    Our hybrid team of Power Apps specialists, business process and UI/UX designers will create custom applications that work seamlessly for your users and address your business challenges. Say goodbye to manual, repetitive tasks, and hello to polished applications that work for you! Release your teams to do higher value tasks by integrating automation into your applications whilst always keeping your data safe.

    Power Apps right
  • Power Automate

    Our Power Automate specialists can orchestrate almost any process enabling seamless integration between different business tools and systems, increasing efficiency, and reducing repetitive and costly processes. This toolset enables a host of advanced functionality such as enabling the automatic reading of invoices through to image processing and object detection. Power Automate also delivers Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation and a host of other orchestration features.

  • Power Pages

    Our Power Platform team can go beyond the confines of your organisation and can engage directly with your organisation’s clients with Power Pages, a web authoring tool which enables clients a secure connection directly to your businesses data and processes.

  • Power Virtual Agents

    The need for organisational insight and knowledge at our fingertips is an ever growing overhead to organisations and Power Virtual Agents can be your new conversational source of knowledge and process management. Imagine asking your very own virtual agent to book your annual leave or ask the details of your organisations expenses policy! Enable self-service to your business users in a scalable, secure and governable solution.

Customer success stories

Get a deep dive into how our customers have harnessed the power of Microsoft Power Platform

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The IMI’s aim was clear, collaborate with a highly consultative IT partner to take the business forward from a financial reporting perspective. Initially chosen for a Sage 200 support role, a later requirement on analytics – specifically the implementation, visualisation, and surfacing of Sage 200 insights through Power BI – led to BCN working on the complex visualisation project of the IMI’s management accounts.

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  • Power BI
  • Professional Memberships
  • Sage200

Northern Care Alliance

Struggling to reconfigure bays and beds in wards quickly enough due to a sharp rise in in-patients due to the pandemic, BCN were tasked to develop a Power App-based Bed Complement Manager, revolutionising the way the Trust now allocates beds and bays.

View Case Study right
  • Capacity and Demand Tracker
  • Healthcare
  • Power Apps

P&B Foods

Due to an ineffective disaster recovery plan, P&B Foods suffered an unsophisticated malware attack, highlighting the need to transition to a new IT provider. BCN developed a clear strategy to accelerate their digital transformation, giving P&B the confidence they needed to plan for organic growth and make future strategic acquisitions.

View Case Study right
  • Cyber Security
  • Food Wholesale
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • RingCentral
  • Sage200
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licensing AND PRICING

Power Platform Licensing and Pricing

Getting started with Power Platform does not need to cost the earth and in many cases, you may already have access to Power Platform products and services via your existing licensing arrangements.  Why not speak to one of our specialists who can help you understand the transformation Power Platform can make to your organisation and navigate the licensing puzzle.


Why choose BCN?

BCN are Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications, highlighting our commitment to delivering leading solutions from Microsoft Power Platform. Our experts empower our customers to do more focused, business-centric work by harnessing the power of developing Microsoft business applications, creating modern and scalable solutions.

To find out more information about BCN’s Approach to our customer engagements, please follow the link below.

Our Approach down
  • 1200+


    We are the ongoing partners with over 1200 businesses across the UK and abroad, trusted to deliver leading IT support and digital transformation solutions for all aspects of their operations.

  • 14

    years of innovation

    Our growing team have industry recognised accreditations and expertise from our leading in-house academy. We’re always one-step ahead, providing our staff with the latest in technical and business operations training and support.

  • 98%

    Client retention

    Our customers remain partnered with BCN within the crowed managed service market. Our leading services, expertise, and people make us the go to provider for long-term managed it support services.

Ready to grow your business? Let’s talk tech.

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