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BCN Wholesale

Wholesalers require tools that give them control and transparency of their business operations. Whether its applications or cloud computing, modern technology is crucial for supporting and expanding business.

IT Support for Manufacturing

Since 2008, BCN has supported the importation, distribution, and manufacturing industries to streamline and run their business operations in the cloud. Our products and solutions are designed specifically for wholesalers to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and maximise profits.

Our mission

About BCN Wholesale

Inventory management, visibility of warehouse operations, transit management and harnessing data for practical use are a few of the challenges faced by wholesalers and distributors globally. By understanding the challenges, our team of industry and software experts have developed feature rich solutions that are designed to address the specific needs faced by businesses in the wholesale sector.

BCN’s mission is to give wholesalers the peace of mind that their IT systems have been designed with their needs in mind, empowering their people to operate without limits and enabling innovation and growth.


Technology challenges for the Wholesale sector.

Inventory management, operational visibility, and harnessing data for insights and reporting are challenges faced by wholesalers that are all addressable with technology.

By leveraging technology solutions like ERP systems, automation tools, and data analytics services, wholesalers can optimise operations, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions to stay competitive in the market.

  • Inventory management

    Managing large inventories efficiently is critical. However, tracking and managing inventory across multiple warehouses or distribution centres can be challenging. That’s why BCN have developed evo-supply, a modern ERP system for the importation, distribution and simple manufacturing sector.

    Explore evo-supply

  • Operational visibility

    Operational visibility is a crutical aspect for wholesalers, involving the tracking and monitoring of processes in real-time. BCN’s data and connectivity services will ensure that your ERP and other internal systems integrate seamlessly, providing your business and its various departments with the visibility they need to function effectively.

    Explore connectivity services

  • Harnessing data

    Wholesalers generate vast amounts of data and extracting valuable insights from this data is challenging, especially without the right tools and technologies. Leveraging BCN’s data analytics and business intelligence solutions will help you gain actionable insights for enhance decision-making.

    Explore our data warehousing services

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Digital solutions designed to streamline client experiences.

  • Evo-supply

    Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Evo-supply is a suite of business management applications designed to help businesses working in the supply chain sector to streamline business processes, increase efficiencies, and maximise profits.

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  • AI and Automation

    Streamline complex processes and automate repetitive, manual tasks, with Microsoft Power Automate, a low-code automation tool that works across Microsoft and 3rd party applications.

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  • Power BI

    Part of the Microsoft Power Platform suite, Power BI is a cloud-based application that helps businesses connect, visualise and use their data for informed decision making.

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  • Modern Work

    Create an innovative, flexible working environment with cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools to empower your employees.

    Modern Work right
  • Evo-supply

    Evo-supply right


Been there, done IT

Here at BCN, we understand the importance of keeping client data safe, advising, implementing and managing the right solutions as well as keeping up to date with the latest technologies. Our experts have worked with businesses across the wholesale sector, so we know your challenges and importantly the opportunities they present.

Get in touch to find out more about our end-to-end capabilities that will enable you to focus on providing leading client services.

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See how we've helped transform businesses like yours

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P&B Foods

Due to an ineffective disaster recovery plan, P&B Foods suffered an unsophisticated malware attack, highlighting the need to transition to a new IT provider. BCN developed a clear strategy to accelerate their digital transformation, giving P&B the confidence they needed to plan for organic growth and make future strategic acquisitions.

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  • Cyber Security
  • Food Wholesale
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • RingCentral
  • Sage200

APS Salads

Due to high levels of growth across production and supply chain, APS Group needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure to meet increasing demand. BCN provided a managed service, and now play an increasingly important role in maintaining the businesses supply chain.

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  • Food and Drink

Wilfrid Smith

Wilfrid Smith’s managed IT services provider BCN Group offered the senior management a discovery session to look at potential improvements to their legacy environment. This discovery day enabled BCN to recommend the migration to Office 356 and advise of the benefits, capabilities and cost savings it could bring to their organisation.

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  • Azure
  • Industrial Services
  • Microsoft Office 365
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Digital solutions for the modern business

  • Data and Analytics down
  • Data and Analytics

    Unlock the performance of your organisation with BCN’s Data and Analytics services. Find out how you can make more informed decisions, faster so you can spend time on the things that matter most.

  • Business Applications and Development down
  • Business Applications and Development

    Need something custom-built? BCN’s deep Microsoft Power Platform and .NET development capabilities will take your ideas and turn them into beautifully designed applications.

  • Cyber Security down
  • Cyber Security

    Cybercrime isn’t going anywhere, and the wholesalers have longbeen a prime target for malicious actors. Close the door to cyber criminals with BCN’s holistic security solutions.

  • Infrastructure and Cloud down
  • Infrastructure and Cloud

    The bedrock of the modern IT strategy. Our scalable, adaptable, and secure infrastructure and cloud solutions will give you the platform you need to innovate from.

  • Modern Workplace down
  • Modern Workplace

    Keep your team connected wherever they are located. BCN’s modern workplace solutions deliver consistent, reliable, and secure end-user experiences for your business’s users

  • Managed and Professional Services down
  • Managed and Professional Services

    The umbrella that our solutions fall under. Find out more about our managed and professional services that enable our customers to realise their digital potential.

Our capabilities

Why BCN?

Our end-to-end capabilities, people, and technology partnerships give us an unrivalled ability to get to the heart of your challenges. Find out more about the BCN approach we take to our customer engagements.

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