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Integrated software solution for the supply chain industry.

Evo-supply from BCN is an evolutionary, fully integrated, and feature-rich business solution for the importation, distribution, and manufacturing industries, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, evo-supply is a suite of business management applications designed to help businesses working in the supply chain sector streamline their business processes.


What is evo-supply?

Over the last two decades, BCN’s industry & software experts alongside our customer focus groups have developed the most feature-rich business management application for the supply chain industry, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Delivered as a suite of applications, evo-supply is designed to meet the needs of businesses at all levels of importation, distribution and manufacturing. From drop shipping operations to complex manufacturing operations, if your business fits into this category, evo-supply has you covered.


BCN evo-supply solutions

Powerful, yet flexible, evo-supply is an end-to-end business management application that will scale in line with your business. Our customers can utilise evo-supply in three ways:

  • evo-supply

    Our evo-supply suite is designed as a starting point for all businesses, and in most cases can meet their needs without any complex configuration or modifications – “Out of the Box” as we like to call it. Once evo-supply is available within your Business Central environment, additional evo-supply Enterprise applications can be added to activate more features as and when you require them.

  • evo-supply Enterprise

    Evo-supply Enterprise goes beyond our Foundation suite and includes a range of additional applications that can be leveraged to meet all of your business needs. Simply choose the additional applications you want, and we’ll add them to your evo-supply environment.

  • Going above and beyond+

    Should your business have more complex requirements, our team of consultants and developers are available to assist you get even more out of your solution. Our product management methodology means that we’re constantly meeting with customers and industry experts to introduce new products, features and technologies that all our customers can benefit from.


What features come with evo-supply?

Evo-supply is our out-of-the-box software solution which provides features and software development kits for simple and efficient customisation. See the features below that come with evo-supply as standard.

For a more detailed description of each feature, please follow the link to our Microsoft AppSource listing.

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  • Advanced shipping

    Advanced Shipping gives users a full overview of the orders they have on the system and what can and can’t be fulfilled, select the orders you want to send manually or use suggestion templates from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Explore Advanced shipping

  • Data-bridge

    Data-Bridge offers core functionality for importing, exporting and processing data for elements such as sales orders, import, and sales invoice export. See our extensive list of Data-Bridge partner connectors to see who we work with “out of the box”.

    Explore Data-bridge

  • Dynamic picking

    Determine how the pick should be performed by picking templates that you can assign to customers, orders, and warehouses. Get the flexibility you need to change templates to suit your day-to-day operations.

    Explore Dynamic picking


  • Inventory

    Inventory enables easy identification of item assortments and better tracking and viewing of your items, giving you the visibility, you need to confidently account for your items.

    Explore Item analysis codes

  • Transit Management

    Manage your transit processes with full container tracking, including incoterms, source & destination, seal numbers, and contents of containers with our Transit Management feature.

    Explore Transit Management

  • Purchasing

    Rest assured your purchasing process is simple and manageable with duty rate management by country, duplicate items warnings, along with factory tracking and automated alerts.

  • Sales

    Enhance your sales approval process by incorporating margin checking, document status tracking and hierarchical customer pricing as standard with evo-supply Foundation.

  • Warehousing

    Our Warehousing features offer enhanced bin blocking, shipping configurations, and intuitive management of delivery bookings with your customers.


Our evo-supply Enterprise suite of applications is built on evo-supply. Evo-supply Enterprise enables you to introduce additional applications that install on top of and leverage your existing evo-supply data for enhanced functionality. Features include:


  • Commission reporting

    Simple reporting for your sales team to allow you to better calculate commission due.

  • Quantity roundings

    Make sure the orders you enter are always in the appropriate units by automatically adjusting the quantities you enter.

  • Additional data-bridge partners

    Pre-built connectors to automate transactions between Business Central and your business partners.

  • Packing bench

    Improve your order fulfilment accuracy by checking picks before they are packed and shipped. Streamline your direct shipping packing processes through automated labelling.

  • Partner portal

    A self-service portal for selected partners to allow them to directly interact with your Business Central. Allow customers to view statements, reprint their own invoices and even make payments. Suppliers can update information about the shipments they are sending.


View evo-supply on Microsoft AppSource

BCN Group are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, meaning we have demonstrated our technical capabilities, experience, and ability to deliver customer outcomes aligned to the Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft AppSource is the premier destination to market and distribute applications. View the evo-supply product listing on AppSource now and get in touch if you want to speak about evo-supply in more depth.

Why work with BCN?

Been there, done IT

BCN’s industry and software experts alongside our customer focus groups have developed the most feature-rich business management application for the supply chain industry, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our industry and software experts, technology partnerships, and end-to-end business solutions make BCN the go-to provider for ERP solutions for the importation, distribution, and simple manufacturing industries. For more information about BCN and who we partner with, click the links below.

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    We are the ongoing partners with over 1200 businesses across the UK and abroad, trusted to deliver leading IT support and digital transformation solutions for all aspects of their operations.

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    Our growing team have industry recognised accreditations and expertise from our leading in-house academy. We’re always one-step ahead, providing our staff with the latest in technical and business operations training and support.

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    Our customers remain partnered with BCN within the crowed managed service market. Our leading services, expertise, and people make us the go to provider for long-term managed it support services.

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