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The driving engine of digital transformation

Every organisation is designed differently, so should your cloud strategy. Future-proof your business and start innovating with custom Infrastructure and Cloud services.

Cloud & infrastructure

Cloud and Infrastructure solutions are the bedrock of the modern IT strategy. Now more than ever businesses and organisations need to be flexible and agile to stay ahead of the competition. Finding the ‘home’ for your services, data, and applications is therefore an important decision for any organisation.

Flexibility, scalability, and security

BCN’s Infrastructure and Cloud solutions are designed with flexibility, scalability, and security in mind. With our solutions, businesses gain access to all the resources they need to ensure long-term success while ensuring fast and reliable services.

We work with you to find the solution that fits your needs. Whether it’s a full migration, keeping everything on-site, or a hybrid solution, our technical architects have the expertise to ensure our customers unlock the full potential of their investments.


Driving operational efficiency and maximising your IT budget

There is no-one size fits all approach to cloud solutions. Discover our range of cloud services below.

  • Cloud Infrastructure down
  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Whether it’s a full migration to either a public or private cloud, keeping everything onsite with on-premises hosting or mixing between the two with a hybrid approach, we will help find the solution to meet your strategy and digital goals.

  • Hybrid Infrastructure down
  • Hybrid Infrastructure

    Every business is built differently, why should your cloud infrastructure be any different. Optimise your investment with our hybrid-infrastructure solution so you can get the most out of our public, private and on-premises environments.

  • Microsoft Azure down
  • Microsoft Azure

    The global cloud platform supports businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. If you want an environment that supports a growing collection of integrated services, look no further. Future-proof your business with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform solutions.

  • Data Centre down
  • Data Centre

    Within our data centres, we can host your services and back up your critical data. If you require extra space or dedicated rack space, we would be happy to help.

  • Connectivity down
  • Connectivity

    The right cloud connectivity solution will allow your end-users to remain connected wherever they’re located on whatever device they’re using. Working alongside the UK’s leading connectivity partners, we will work to find the correct solution to meet your business needs.


Maximising your cloud infrastructure investment

Leveraging a managed cloud infrastructure has a number of benefits. Typical advantages include:

  • Reduced hardware spend

    Moving to a managed cloud model reduces the need for costly hardware purchases. We include this as part of our managed cloud service, meaning you can avoid the initial large cost for hardware.

  • No infrastructure to manage

    Remove the need to host & manage complex infrastructure yourself. This will all be included as part of a managed cloud service.

  • Enterprise Scale at speed

    Cloud provides an unlimited capability to scale to meet your business demands.

  • Pay for what you use

    Consumption based pricing means you are only charged for what you use.

  • Lower your carbon footprint

    Utilising Cloud Services can help lower your carbon footprint & improve the sustainability of your business.


See how we've helped transform businesses like yours

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APS Salads

Due to high levels of growth across production and supply chain, APS Group needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure to meet increasing demand. BCN provided a managed service, and now play an increasingly important role in maintaining the businesses supply chain.

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  • Food and Drink

Fairway Travel

Fairway Travel needed to upgrade and futureproof their IT servers and systems to keep files and data securely backed up. BCN provided an Azure cloud-based platform that makes it easier for remote users to access the Remote Desktop Gateway faster and more securely.

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  • Azure
  • IT Support Services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Travel and leisure

Garic Ltd

Garic needed an IT partner who could provide strategic guidance and full-service solutions as their requirements evolved and their business grew. Initially engaging in remote support and migrating to M365 for their 270 users, BCN later took responsibility for a broader IT remit, including professional services projects, cyber security implementation and a network refresh.

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  • Industrial Services
  • IT Support Services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Sage200

Metro Rod

MetroRod needed to migrate from their existing IT provider and needed a provider to help the business review and recreate their entire IT infrastructure, including designing an Azure environment, migrating business systems, replacing core systems and legacy technology among a plethora of other needs. Successfully delivering the project in the time frame, BCN continues to support the business’s digital transformation journey.

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  • .Net
  • Azure
  • Drain care and repair
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
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Environments to host your business-critical solutions

We’ll work with you to find the solution that fits your needs. Whether that’s a full migration to either a public or private cloud, keeping everything onsite with on-premises hosting or mixing between the two with a hybrid approach.

  • Microsoft Azure

    The leading cloud computing platform for organisations of all sizes and sectors

    Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that provides a range of services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and any combination of these to support businesses in developing, deploying, and operating their applications and services. Connecting your on-premises infrastructure to Azure resources is simple.

    Microsoft Azure right
  • BCN Cloud

    BCN Cloud is our own managed and hosted multi-tenant private cloud environment

    Our most flexible offering, BCN Cloud gives you control over who hosts your service and where your data sits. Whether that’s fully or partially within our data centre, or if you decide to host within your data centre.

    Like Azure, we can provide businesses with IaaS and PaaS solutions for their business-critical services.

    Cloud optimisation right
  • BCN Private Cloud

    Our Private Cloud solution offers organisations leading on-premises servers and networking solutions

    We understand that not every business can fully or even partially migrate to the cloud. But that shouldn’t hold back businesses from access to modern infrastructure.

    By partnering with the world’s biggest technology partners, such as Dell and HP Enterprise, we can deliver on-premises solutions, making your organisation a more agile and adaptive environment.


“We are extremely happy with the solution BCN Group has delivered for us. The transition was smooth, and the systems now in place provide greater efficiency and productivity for the business. The dedicated support and advice we have received throughout the process has been very helpful and of great value to us.”

Client Logo Director, Fairway Travel


BCN are a Microsoft Solutions Partner

BCN share Microsoft’s Cloud-first vision. Since 2009, we have taken a Microsoft-first approach, migrating hundreds of customers to the cloud, supporting our belief that any business regardless of size or sector should have access to modern infrastructure.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, our technical architects and Azure development teams are committed to delivering leading infrastructure solutions. Our expertise and relationship with Microsoft give us the access we need to ensure that every project exceeds our customers’ expectations.

For the ninth consecutive year, Microsoft was named a leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services report, placed furthest on the Completeness of Vision axis.

Here’s a run-down of why Microsoft has consistently been named leader in this space.

  • Scalability

    Only pay for what you use with the convenience of quickly and easily scaling capacity up and down as and when you need it.

  • Cost

    No more capital expenditure on infrastructure. Pay monthly, and only for what you use.

  • Security

    Built-in controls and services in Azure protect across identity, data, networking, and apps.

  • Compliance

    Azure has the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud provider. Be confident your data storage is compliant with your regulations. Performance, scale, and mission-critical capability for all applications and workloads. Azure. Invent with purpose.


You can trust us with the tech that lets you get on with what you do best.

Don’t let your tech slow you down. Scalability. Economy. Security. Find out more about our managed and professional services.


Helping you to succeed through technology. No downtime, no disruption

If you want to work with a team of straight-talking technical wizards, then look no further. Our experts would be happy to learn more about how we can support your business and its digital goals. Spend more time on the things that matter most with BCN’s Infrastructure and Cloud solutions,

Explore our approach down
  • 1200+

    Number of clients

    We are the ongoing partners with over 1200 businesses across the UK and abroad, trusted to deliver leading IT support and digital transformation solutions for all aspects of their operations.

  • 400+

    Accredited staff

    Our growing team have industry recognised accreditations and expertise from our leading in-house academy. We’re always one-step ahead, providing our staff with the latest in technical and business operations training and support.

  • 98%

    Client retention

    Our customers remain partnered with BCN within the crowed managed service market. Our leading services, expertise, and people make us the go to provider for long-term managed it support services.


BCN are trusted to deliver solutions for customers across sectors and geographies. We are proud to work alongside some of the leading organisations in the public as well 
as private sectors.

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