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Cloud Optimisation

The Cloud offers a wide range of possibilities for your IT environment, but with ease of use & flexibility comes risk. BCN can help optimise your cloud environment to meet your business requirements.

Cloud optimisation

Cloud optimisation services involve analysing and fine-tuning your cloud estate to ensure it performs at its best. By optimising your cloud environment, you maximise your investment in the cloud whilst preserving the performance of applications that run on your environment.

Cloud Optimisation

What is cloud optimisation?

Cloud optimisations services includes assessing and optimising all aspects of your cloud environment, whether that’s security and compliance, cost and performance or all these aspects combined.

BCN specialise in Azure cloud optimisation and management, as well as Hybrid and Private Cloud optimisation. Everything we do is optimised for security, cost & performance based on your business needs and industry best practices. Whether this is keeping your Azure bill in check, refreshing your Private Cloud infrastructure to remove vulnerabilities, or ensuring your Hybrid Cloud is patched and up to date, BCN are here to help.

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    Azure Cloud Optimisation and Maintenance

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    Hybrid Cloud Optimisation and Maintenance

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    Private Cloud Optimisation and Maintenance

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Featured Cloud Optimisation Services

Tap into BCN’s Expertise with our Technical Architect Services

BCN’s Azure cloud optimisation services include tools, strategies, and Microsoft best practice approach to optimise our customers environments for performance, cost, and security. Our Well-Architected Review service informs a Cloud Transformation Road to ensure long term health and success. If you require a managed service, have a look at BCN’s Azure Advanced Management  for ongoing optimised cloud-management below.

  • Well-Architected Review

    The Well-Architected Review is a set of best practice guidelines that allow our solution architects to identify and optimise our customers workloads. The BCN Azure Well-Architected Review is based against five key pillars:

    • Reliability –The ability of a system to recover from failures and continue to function
    • Security – Protecting applications and data from cyber security threats
    • Cost Optimisation – Managing costs to maximise the value of your cloud investments
    • Operation Excellence – Operational processes that keep a system running in production
    • Performance Efficiency – The ability of a system to adapt to changes in load
  • Cloud Transformation Roadmap

    BCN’s Well-Architected Review informs a Cloud Success Roadmap, where our Cloud Architects will set out high level objectives designed to improve key cloud health and success metrics.

    Our knowledge of best practice and experience with the ever-changing landscape of cloud technologies enables our Cloud Architects to recommend remediation and re-architecture activities that will ensure the ongoing performance and cost effectiveness of the platform.

    Here at BCN, we believe Azure can revolutionise how businesses operate, but we do also recognise how challenging it can be to take the next important step. Our Cloud Optimisation services eliminate the hassle and provide a direct route to maximising your Azure investment.

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  • BCN’s Azure Advanced Management

    Azure offers businesses vast cloud computing capabilities. Ensure your making the most of what the platform offers with BCN’s Azure Advanced Management service.

    Our Advanced Management service for Azure provides on-going optimisation of your Azure environment. Regular reviews with a BCN Azure Expert to provide recommendations on Azure in the below areas:

    • Cost Optimisation: Reserved Instance recommendations, zombie resource identification and service right-sizing conversations
    • Governance & Compliance: Azure Policy reviews, Resource organization & Tagging.
    • Security: Azure Security Centre reviews, Identity & Access Management and additional security recommendations.
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Our Infrastructure and Cloud Experts

We get straight to the point so you can spend more time on the things that matter most. Our experts are always looking for new challenges and would love to learn more about how we can support your business and its goals.

Meet the experts who analyse, fine-tune, and optimise our customers environments.


Customer Success Story

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Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Alder Hey and Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Trust needed to roll out Power BI across the joint analytics team. Our solution helped key stakeholders utilise and adopt Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts much more easily and efficiently for their monthly Integrated Performance Reports.

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  • EasySPC
  • Healthcare
  • Power BI


Why choose BCN’s Cloud Optimisation Services?

Optimising cloud environments for cost, security, and performance since 2009. We know the ins and outs of smooth-running cloud computing. No matter what cloud infrastructure option you choose, our experts are available to help. Here’s a rundown of the key benefits of choosing BCN’s cloud optimisation service:

  • Protect your business

    Improved security and compliance of your cloud environments.

  • Control your costs

    Cloud cost optimisation & recommendations to prevent spiralling costs.

  • Increased performance

    Systems work as they should with reduced latency & processing delays.

  • Improved productivity

    Employee productivity is increased through quick access to data and systems when they need.

  • Increased insight

    Know what is going on in your environment and get better visibility and control over your cloud environment.

  • Agility and Flexibility

    Quickly adapt to changing requirements by leveraging cloud-native services.

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Cloud Solutions and Services that maximise our customers’ investments

Transform your organisation and achieve your digital goals with our range of managed and unmanaged cloud solutions and services.

  • Cloud Migration

    BCN have been a trusted Cloud Migration partner for businesses of all shapes and sizes, for over 10+ years. If you're looking to move to the cloud, we're your trusted partner to help you make the move.

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  • Azure Virtual Desktop

    Allow your users to access their desktops and applications from anywhere, on any device. Streamline your IT operations, boost security, reduce costs and enable flexible working with BCN’s Azure Virtual Desktop services.

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  • Azure Landing Zones

    Regardless of your size, resources and complexity of your infrastructure, if you are looking to implement a secure, scalable, and repeatable infrastructure, Azure landing zones are a great way to begin your cloud journey.

    Azure Landing Zones right
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Partnering with industry leading providers, BCN’s full-featured cloud backup and disaster recovery services ensure your business critical data and applications are accessible in the worst case scenario.

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  • Hybrid Infrastructure

    Leverage the flexibility and scalability of both on-premise and cloud based services with BCN’s Hybrid Infrastructure services. Optimise your workloads and balance your costs and requirements to meet your needs.

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  • Data Centre

    Data and insights are essential for businesses today, so where your data is stored, processed, and managed is critical. BCN’s Data Centre services will scale just as you do, ensuring your environment is configured to integrate with your IT infrastructure.

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Cloud infrastructure FAQs

Frequently asked questions

  • What areas of my cloud environment will be optimised?

    Our Cloud Optimisation Services cover all aspects of your cloud environment, including security and compliance, cost optimisation, and performance improvements.

  • How will you ensure the security of my cloud environment?

    Our team will assess and optimise your cloud environment’s security and compliance posture, providing recommendations to ensure that your data is protected, and your business is in compliance with all applicable regulations.

  • How long does the cloud optimisation process take?

    The length of the cloud optimisation process can vary depending on the complexity of your cloud environment and the scope of the optimisation work required. Our Technical Architect Service allows us to work with you to develop a backlog of work and a timeline that meets your needs and ensures optimal results.

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