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Penetration Testing Services

Protecting your business systems against cyberattack starts with knowing exactly where you’re vulnerable. Take the first step towards better defence with BCN’s Penetration Testing service.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a form of ethical hacking that’s designed to help businesses identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their systems. During a test, third-party experts launch a simulated, real-world ‘attack’ on business systems, networks and applications to try and gain access to critical infrastructure – just like a hacker would.

What is Penetration Testing?

As a controlled ‘attack,’ penetration testing helps businesses stay one step ahead of genuine threats – proactively assessing their cyber security posture, identifying vulnerabilities, gauging cyber risks and pinpointing all the access points where a breach could occur.

Armed with this information, businesses are able to strengthen their cyber defences against the risk of actual, and potentially catastrophic, attack.

how it works

How does Penetration Testing work?

Almost half of all successful cyberattacks on UK businesses happen because of vulnerabilities in business IT systems. Penetration testing is a controlled and systematic attack on your business infrastructure that involves probing for vulnerabilities in networks, applications and even processes. Its aim is to uncover everything from misconfigured hardware and unpatched software to user authentication vulnerabilities within the network. The ‘hackers’ working to infiltrate the system have the ultimate goal of gaining access to critical systems, stealing sensitive data and taking control of the network – much like a genuine cyber-attacker.

When the test has been carried out, you’ll be given a report that details all the vulnerabilities that have been found, as well as guidance on how to fix them.Vulnerabilities may include:

  • Unsecured ports

  • Unpatched software

  • Misconfigured systems

  • Weak passwords

  • Operational weakness in processes

  • Hardware or software vulnerabilities

What are the benefits of Penetration Testing?

Identify your vulnerabilities, strengthen your defences

Penetration testing is one of the best proactive cybersecurity measures a business can take because it offers a way to find and fix vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them and cause any actual harm. Regular penetration testing helps businesses:


  • Prioritise cybersecurity on an ongoing basis

  • Gain real-world insight into network vulnerabilities

  • Test new software and systems for vulnerabilities

  • Identify new flaws in existing software

  • Ensure security controls are effective across all business systems

  • Support compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations

  • Demonstrate to customers that data protection is being taken seriously

  • Meet the requirements of cyber insurers


Types of Penetration Testing we offer

BCN offers internal and external network as well as web application penetration testing services. Find out more about each of our services below.

  • Internal network

    Internal network testing is designed to replicate what an attacker could do if they gained access to your network. It will test:

    • Network traffic and authentication
    • What an authenticated user might be able to exploit
    • What an unauthenticated user might be able to access, alter or exploit
    • Any vulnerabilities affecting systems that are accessed from within the network
    • Misconfigurations that leave sensitive data exposed
  • External network

    External network testing looks at security vulnerabilities that could be exploited to give hackers access from outside your network. It will look at:

    • File and web servers
    • Authentication processes and mechanisms
    • Data transfer security
    • Firewall configuration across devices
    • Security and segregation of sensitive data
  • Web applications

    Web application testing is designed to ensure all your business’s internet-based applications, platforms and websites are secured against attack. It will focus on:

    • Testing user authentication to ensure data can’t be compromised
    • Testing the application itself for design and coding vulnerabilities
    • Ensuring correct configuration of web browsers
    • Checking APIs and CMSs
    • Testing database and web server security

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Why BCN?

Why choose BCN for Penetration Testing?

Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern for businesses, and mitigating the risk is about proactively safeguarding your systems and knowing exactly what you need to do protect them. BCN’s Penetration Testing service is designed to put this crucial data at your fingertips, giving you all the knowledge and guidance you need to fix vulnerabilities, shore up your defences and strengthen your cyber security.

  • Cyber Essential experts

    As a Cyber Essentials certification body, BCN Group is committed to helping businesses protect themselves in line with NCSC best practices.

    Cyber essentials

  • Microsoft Solution partner

    As a certified Microsoft Solutions partner, BCN’s experts have the specialist technical knowledge it takes to secure your environment.

    Microsoft solutions partner

  • Tailored Security Solutions

    As well as testing your system security, we provide access to a range of bespoke security solutions to help you fix any vulnerabilities and protect your critical infrastructure against attack.

Ready to grow your business? Let’s talk tech.

Follow the link or speak to one of our experts on 0345 095 7000

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