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Security Awareness & Cyber Security Training Service

Managed service that provides regular simulated phishing campaigns and engaging training to employees to create a cyber-aware culture.

Cyber security awareness

Cyber Security attacks are on the rise globally, and organisations are mobilising to secure their IT environments to prevent successful attacks from causing major harm. There are a multitude of technical approaches that help repel attacks, but often it is employees themselves that provide the biggest risk.

What is Cyber Security Awareness?

Cyber security training and awareness is a strategy used by IT and security professionals to prevent and mitigate user risk. The end goal of staff awareness training is to create a cyber-aware culture within an organisation, so all employees are better equipped to identify and respond to cyber threats and attacks.

Cyber security training and awareness covers topics like, how to identify and report phishing emails and malicious websites, strong password security and multi-factor authentication, and how to recognise and respond to social engineering attempts.

Reasons to invest

Why Businesses Need Cyber Security Awareness Training

It is estimated that around 82% of security breaches involve the “human element”, meaning internal employees unknowingly act as the entry point for attackers to exploit. Cyber criminals are constantly adapting and enhancing their approaches to social engineering so they can better target an organisations employees to hand over access to vital information. Security awareness training can lower your user risk and protect your finances, IP, and reputation.

Here are some core motivations for investing in cyber awareness training. 

  • To be aware, you need to be able to confront

  • Cybercrime is evolving rapidly and all organisations are at risk

  • Employees are a key target of cyber criminals to gain access

  • Protect your bottom line, IP, and reputation

Customer success stories

Read our Cyber security training case studies

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P&B Foods

Due to an ineffective disaster recovery plan, P&B Foods suffered an unsophisticated malware attack, highlighting the need to transition to a new IT provider. BCN developed a clear strategy to accelerate their digital transformation, giving P&B the confidence they needed to plan for organic growth and make future strategic acquisitions.

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  • Cyber Security
  • Food Wholesale
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • RingCentral
  • Sage200

Private: Ferrero

Ferrero needed a modern overhaul of their SharePoint solution to increase user engagement. BCN redeveloped their intranet, through SharePoint updates, that improved functionality, refreshed their brand identity and revolutionised the way their users work.

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security awareness service features

BCN’s Cyber Security Training Services

Cyber awareness training that is tedious and dull makes engaging with the content harder, leading to worse outcomes in understandings and mastery. The best practices that make your greatest security assets could in fact turn into your weakest security link.

BCN has partnered with KnowBe4, a global leader in Security Awareness and Training leveraging best practice processes and best in market software to provide in-depth, engaging, targeted training to your employees. Ensuring they are both aware and vigilant for the attacks that come their way.

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  • Security Awareness Proficiency Assessment (SAPA)

    A bi-annual assessment of employees to measure their understanding and awareness of security risks and what to do in the event of an attack, based on 7 key criteria; Email Security, Human Firewall, Incident Reporting, Internet Use, Password and Authentication, Social Media Use, and Mobile Devices. BCN will then create and curate targeted training programs for customer employees based on the SAPA outcome.

  • Regular phishing campaigns

    BCN will create and carry out monthly campaigns targeting employees with phishing emails designed to mimic a cyber attacker’s approach. If an employee fails to recognise the phish, the results will simply be recorded, and training plans will be assigned. The monthly campaigns will be sent out randomly to avoid simple detection and service as regular reminders for employees to report phishing attempts when they see them.

  • Industry security awareness benchmarking

    The SAPA, training plans and phishing campaigns allow BCN to identify a “risk score” which provides a quantified view of a business’s security awareness and proficiency against industry standard metrics. We will benchmark the score against standards based on your industry and organisation size.

cyber security awareness benefits

Why is cyber security awareness and training beneficial?

BCN’s cyber awareness training services offer a series of benefits including the creation of a cyber-aware organisational culture, that has enhanced resilience to threats. In addition to enabling businesses and organisations to meet compliance regulations and reducing human error. Our services empower your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to mitigate and respond to risks, bolstering your overall cyber security.

  • Cyber-aware culture

    Establish a culture of collective responsibility on the importance of cyber security and cultivate knowledge of what effective responses look like.

  • Regulatory and Compliance

    Ensure your employees are knowledgeable about regulations and understand the role in maintaining compliance so you can demonstrate their commitment to meeting industry requirements.

  • Resilience to threats

    Enhance your ability to detect and mitigate cyber threats more effectively. The better trained your employees are, means the stronger your business’s cyber resilience is to attacks and threats.

  • Reduce human error

    The leading cause of cyber security incidents. Reduce error so you understand and avoid those common pitfalls, reducing the likelihood of future security breaches.


Cyber Security Awareness Training Pricing

We know how important security awareness and training is and believe it shouldn’t cost the earth, that’s why BCN offer competitive security trainings services for our customers. Why not speak to one of our specialists who can help you understand the set-up and monthly costs for our service and how your organisation can make the most out of it.

why bcn?

Why choose BCN for Cyber Awareness and Training?

BCN have partnered with the best in the business when it comes to Security Awareness and Training. Our partner, KnowBe4, offers training for the largest enterprises, service providers, and government organisations in the world and was named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Security Awareness and Training Solutions, Q1 2022.

  • Experience

    BCN have implemented this solution internally and all the lessons learned are passed onto the customer

  • Partnerships

    BCN have partnered with KnowBe4 for many years, and bring best practice and cost effectiveness

  • Industry-wide knowledge

    BCN work with hundreds of customers across industries, uniquely placing us to build out targeted security awareness services to our customers

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