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IT support for Cheshire and Merseyside

IT support, Cyber security consultant and Microsoft Solutions Partner across Cheshire and Merseyside

BCN Runcorn

Your business’s IT is often overlooked and only noticed when something goes wrong, then suddenly it’s the focus of everyone’s attention.

From Congleton to Crewe, Warrington to Widnes, hybrid working is on the rise. And that means increasing dependence on IT. Yet, it’s easy to be lulled into complacency when your technology just keeps working quietly in the background.

Then, suddenly, there’s a problem — and urgent remedial action is vital. That’s when it pays to have knowledgeable, superbly-resourced and, above all, local IT support on call. The BCN Cheshire and Merseyside team ticks every box.


Our Solutions

BCN IT support services in Runcorn

  • IT managed support and 24/7 helpdesk

    BCN managed support is here to help

    IT failures happen at the most inconvenient times. In the middle of a busy day or, even worse, in the middle of the night.

    Few firms can afford to employ enough IT specialists to provide round-the-clock support. And there’s no need when BCN offer office hours and out-of-hours service at a fraction of the cost.

    We’re not just here for when something goes wrong, either. BCN managed support is continually working proactively behind the scenes to prevent minor mishaps escalating into significant disruption.

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  • Cyber security and compliance

    Protect your business from cyber criminals

    There’s no need to ask if your IT infrastructure is under threat. It is, because everyone’s is.

    Cyber criminals are continually looking for new ways to breach your system. In addition, the equally severe threat to your data security from human error never goes away. Increased remote working and growing numbers of connected devices compound the danger to your data.

    You also need to worry about complying with demanding regulations, such as GDPR. Fail to comply, and you’re out of the running for many big contracts. Fines can follow, too.

    With the BCN Cheshire IT support team on board, advanced cyber security and compliance advice are all part of the service.

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  • Disaster recovery

    BCN are here to help

    Lose data, and you lose money, perhaps even your business.

    There are many potential disruptions to your business, from simple mistakes to ransomware attacks and natural disasters. But fret not. The BCN team will ensure that everything is backed up and systems are in place to expedite recovery.

  • Microsoft Solutions Partner

    We are proud of our partnerships

    We work closely and continuously with Microsoft to maintain our expertise in the software and applications you use every day. So, let’s keep everything running smoothly, with hassle-free updates and proactive support.

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  • Server and infrastructure management

    BCN ongoing support

    Whether your data is stored in-house, in the cloud, or a mix of both, continuing support from BCN Cheshire and Merseyside will keep everything working smoothly and securely.

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  • Cloud migration

    Are you ready to move into cloud computing?

    It is undeniably the future for most businesses, but hesitation is understandable. Migration is a major step often perceived as creating disruption or making your data less secure. But the BCN team will find the solution that works for you and meets any unique challenges.

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IT Support Runcorn

Why outsource your IT support to BCN Cheshire?

With the smooth running of your IT infrastructure under control, you can focus on growth and profitability. BCN’s comprehensive approach to IT support will future-proof your business, with scalability built into every solution.

Recruiting even a single IT expert is expensive, and employing enough experts to provide our level of round-the-clock support is not a realistic option for most businesses. Therefore, outsourcing is time-efficient and cost-effective.

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William’s Auction

William’s auction is based in Cheshire with over 40 years of specialist knowledge in the construction industry. They deliver unreserved auctions of Heavy Plant, Machinery, Agricultural, Construction Equipment and Vehicles. BCN made data & digital transformation work for them in a revolutionary way.

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  • Auction
  • Evo-auction
  • Microsoft Office 365


Interflora wanted an intranet site to represent their brand identity, ethos and culture. BCN developed a SharePoint site that improves team collaboration and makes information sharing simple throughout the business.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Retail

Lawyer Checker

Lawyer Checker is an online fraud prevention service in the conveyancing industry and needed a database structure to allow the business to develop a risk algorithm that helped ensure account numbers were safe and had a track record of use. BCN developed a bespoke application built on ASP.NET to deliver the rules engine and results for over 8,00 searches a month.

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  • .Net
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Professional Services

Tactical Solutions

Tactical Solutions were becoming constrained by their existing environment, a blend of on-premise and data centre based servers and technologies. BCN’s knowledge and experience of both Azure and their applications allowed BCN to design a solution that would provide both the scalability and resilience the business needed.  

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  • Azure
  • Field Marketing
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Power BI
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Why BCN?

Why partner with BCN?

Partner with BCN Runcorn and we will support your business and guide your workforce along every step of the digital journey, managing and supporting all your business-critical technology including cloud, security, software and connectivity.

The BCN team has the up-to-the-minute knowledge, accredited skills and breadth of experience
to advise you on making the right IT decisions. After gaining an in-depth understanding of your technology pain points and business goals, we will use those insights to deliver an end-to-end solution that streamlines existing processes, integrates all your data and makes every application accessible.

Look forward to having a connected, future-ready workplace in which your people, data and business goals come together in a single, managed, accessible and secure environment.

Ready to grow your business? Let’s talk tech.

Follow the link or speak to one of our experts on 0345 095 7000

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