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Managed Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation Service

Close the door to cyber criminals by identifying security vulnerabilities before they become a problem. BCN will help you minimise risk exposure with a fully managed scanning and remediation service.

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Managed vulnerability scanning involves identifying, evaluating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities that appear in your networks and the software that runs on them. When implemented alongside other cyber security services, managed vulnerability scanning helps organisations reduce their threat landscape.

Essentially the process is the digital equivalent of routinely checking your doors and windows are locked to protect from criminals. Managed vulnerability scanning regularly audits and examines public IP address within your network, identifying security weaknesses that can leave your organisation vulnerable to cyber threats.

Vulnerability Scanning Process

How does BCN’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning work?

Our managed vulnerability scanning service will automatically scan your business’s public IP addresses on all ports, monthly. Following this, security specialists will analyse the findings, generate a report and discuss remediation options.

Patches, updates, or fixed available for any “critical” or “high” severity issues found will then be implemented as part of the service. This is usually completed out-of-hours.

If we do not have the administrative access to make the remediation’s required, we will instead provide you with clear steps to avoid the threat.

Vulnerability Scanning

What threats can Managed Vulnerability Scanning Identify?

Vulnerabilities are now one of the leading causes of successful cyber-attacks, so ensuring your organisation is aware of what vulnerabilities exist and how to resolve them is critical.

Managed vulnerability scanning is increasingly important as the cyber threat increases as more of us work from home and no longer have access to filtering, firewalls, and encryption that we would have access to in the office.

Whilst there are thousands of potential vulnerabilities, there are four main categories that these vulnerabilities fall into:

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    Weak network configuration settings

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    Misconfigured firewalls

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    Out-of-date systems and software

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    Denial of service vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning

Benefits of Managed Vulnerability Scanning

BCN’s Managed External Vulnerability Scanning service will support your organisations security strategy by:

  • Mitigate the risks of cyber attacks

  • Identify threats before external threat actors can take advantage

  • Reducing the strain on in-house IT team

  • Satisfying regulatory compliance


Why choose BCN for managed vulnerability scanning?

BCN’s managed vulnerability scanning is a 24/7 service that operates 365 days a year. Our monitoring and analysis will identify any vulnerabilities in your internet facing environments. We will ensure you are protected against all potential threats, giving you peace of mind that your organisation is secure.

  • Cyber Essentials Certification body

    As a certification body for Cyber Essentials, BCN is committed to helping businesses protect themselves in line with NCSC best practices.

  • Microsoft Solutions Partner

    As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner, our teams of experts have the specialist technical knowledge it takes to secure your Microsoft environment.

  • Tailored Security Services

    As well as scanning your systems, we provide access to a range of bespoke solutions and services to ensure your IT infrastructure and environment is secure and protected from cyber threats.

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