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4 Reasons Businesses Should Innovate with Power Apps

Posted by Alfie McDonald on November 25th 2021

In today’s increasingly competitive world, having an edge on your business’s processes, communication and management systems could be the separating factor between a prospering and declining business. Businesses can automate these processes, giving them a competitive advantage in the delivery of their product or service through application development.

Whilst application development is on the up, there are a number of barriers to entry for businesses. It could be due to a lack of knowledge surrounding app development, leading to outsourcing, costing you time and money. The cost of app development may be out of your business’s budget and the time taken to develop an app may take too long for your business’s current needs. Or maybe it’s due to future scaling problems, where your application won’t develop and grow as your business does.

If you and your business resonate with these challenges, then Microsoft may have the answer you need. Microsoft Power Apps have huge potential for businesses to solve their unique challenges. Low code app development has the prospects of turning your business’s manual operations into digital, web and mobile-based apps at the fraction of the cost and time of traditional app development. Power Apps enables you to rapidly build apps that fit your business needs, connecting to your business’s data to automate your unique processes.

In this article, four major reasons as to why businesses should innovate with Power Apps are covered.

1. Use Existing Talent

Empower your talent – anyone in your business can become citizen developers and problem solvers. Eliminate the skills gap enabling your team to build state-of-the-art apps with minimal training.

• Drag and drop visual building approach makes app development highly intuitive
• Rely on a pre-built, managed platform with built-in integration for ease of use
• Empower your existing IT teams to build solutions faster and with no limits
• Utilise free online resources to keep the barriers low and costs even lower

2. Save Money

Buying software off the shelve is expensive and often has greater functionalities than what you require – instead, you can build apps in a highly cost-effective way; saving money in development, creation and future maintenance.

• Automated processes will empower your business’s productivity
• A fully managed data platform means less maintenance for you, saving you money in the long-run
• Integrate with Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure and other solutions to leverage your existing investments

3. Accelerate development

Custom app development can take months or even years. To be agile and to compete against your competitors, have the tools to build custom apps for your business in hours. Catch up on your backlog or prevent it in the first place with accelerated app development in Power Apps.

• Easily build prototypes, test, learn and expand with low-code tools to simplify the process
• The intuitive point-and-click design as well as the large selection of templates will accelerate your app development speed
• Promptly launch your app, add value continuously, and make improvements when needed

4. Scale

Your apps need to grow just as your business does, as well as remain compliant and up to date with security requirements – Power Apps allows you to scale whilst also staying on top of management.

• Develop at scale without sacrificing quality, security, or control – no matter the quantity of apps you are developing
• The one centralized view of all your apps gives you enterprise-grade administrative and governance features, see BCN’s Centre of Excellence article for more information.
• Scale fast and minimize future maintenance with a fully managed data platform

It seems that harnessing the power of Microsoft Power Apps is an obvious route for any business looking to add efficiency by modernising and automating its processes. By utilising Power Apps, rather than outsourcing traditional app development, you are not only utilising your existing talent and developing their own capabilities, by becoming citizen developers, but you are also saving huge costs, both in the short and long term.

Power Apps are an effective solution for accelerated App development. Have custom-built, state-on-the-art responsive applications for your unique processes within hours, rather than months or years. What is more, Power Apps will scale as your business grows and remain compliant with security requirements, giving you the peace of mind that your data is securely protected and that you are staying on top of management.


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