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BCN Group partners with ExaGrid to strengthen backup offering

Posted by Rowan Gill on March 17th 2023



BCN has strengthened its on-premises data backup offering for businesses by partnering with leading data storage and security firm ExaGrid.

The new partnership demonstrates BCN’s commitment to helping businesses leverage the best marketing-leading technology solutions for shoring up their data security, backup resilience and disaster recovery capabilities.

This latest product offering is for immutable backup storage, and is designed specifically to support businesses that already have on-premises backups in place. ExaGrid’s product is a cutting-edge tiered backup storage product that builds immutability into its core, and adds to our already strong portfolio of cloud-based backup and DR solutions.

Why immutable backup storage?

Cyberattackers are increasingly targeting business backups in a bid to extort ransom payments. When gaining access to a business’s backup, attackers are able to encrypt, alter or delete business-critical data. But backups are a vital component of a business’s disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities, and they require robust protection.

An immutable backup solution, such as our new offering, ensures that, even if attackers gain access to this critical area of the business infrastructure, they are unable to tamper with the data. It leverages WORM – write once, read many – principles to ensure that, when primary data is stolen or damaged, there is always a reliably ‘clean’ duplicate of their data that they can recover quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to business.

What does the new product do?

Immutable Backup Storage from ExaGrid offers the only two-tiered backup storage approach that includes a non-network-facing tier, delayed deletes and immutable objects at the file level. With a simple scale-out architecture that can be added to as data volumes grow, it also builds in a unique front-end disk-cache Landing Zone, which writes data directly to disk for the fastest backups, and restores directly from disk for the fastest restores and VM boots. It also ensures deduplication of long-term retention data, ensuring capacity is maximised and costs are kept as low as possible.

Why is ExaGrid the best fit for BCN?

ExaGrid is a market-leading storage company with a strong portfolio of secure products and global partners. They have been named Storage Company of the Year at the SDC Awards for three years running, and their immutable backup storage was named 2022’s Product of the Year at the Network Computing Awards.

ExaGrid also has an award-winning partner programme, which means BCN customers will benefit directly from the company’s experience in the backup storage arena. We look forward to working closely with their sales and product teams as we leverage their expertise to deliver a unique product that supports and secures our customers as they grow into the future





“We are pleased to further formalize and invest in our relationship with BCN as a strategic partner, making our Tiered Backup Storage solution available to more of BCN’s end-user customers across the United Kingdom. BCN are focused on customers and service delivery, making sure their businesses are up and running and secure from any security or ransomware attack. Together with ExaGrid they can provide an immutable, air gapped, tiered backup solution, helping their customer do what they do best, delivering customer value.”      

Claude Schuck, ExaGrid   

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