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Benefits Of Sage CRM For Your Business

Posted on July 19th 2020

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a solution for your business that will connect you with your customers. CRM combines people, processes and technology to cover every interaction you have with your customers.

Customer relationship management software has changed the way we manage and maintain customer relations. Here are BCN Group’s top five benefits of Sage CRM software to your business.

Benefit 1: Sage CRM connects to accounts

Sage CRM brings many benefits to your business, one of which is the integration between CRM and accounting solutions. The means important information can be distributed across your business, such as credit history for key accounts, customer order history and stock availability.

Benefit 2: Sage CRM increases productivity

CRM solutions such as Sage CRM will benefit your business by making your sales, marketing and customer service teams more productive as customer information will be found easier and quickly from one place.

Benefit 3: Sage CRM reduces costs

A CRM system used effectively can help reduce costly mistakes by increasing accuracy and effectiveness. CRM systems are accessible on demand and therefore can save the need for time in putting together different procedures, such as running separate spreadsheets.

Benefit 4: Sage CRM enhances communication

Sage CRM is an excellent communications system to help get teams working closer together. Marketing and Sales can improve their interaction by having documented records of key interactions with prospects and customers. Teams can ensure work is correctly assigned to an individual and followed up as and when required.

Benefit 5: Sage CRM offers real-time visibility

Sage CRM system provides real-time access to key lead intelligence information such as when marketing sends out an e-newsletter, sales updates a recent conversation with a prospect, or customer service logs a support call.

As a Sage Business Partner and Sage 50 Platinum partner, our in-house Sage team can consult, implement, train and support the entire Sage range. Contact our Sage experts today on 0333 200 59 50 or feel free to contact us by completing the form below.

Magna vulputate netus ultricies pharetra duis sit vitae consectetur.
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