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Enhance Your Data With The Use Of Business Intelligence Software

Posted on January 8th 2019

Many businesses struggle to handle their data, especially when those businesses are growing in revenues and resource. Trying to scale Excel reports or similar practices becomes extremely difficult, with more teams required to create reports that take longer to finish, meaning data easily becomes out of date.

But there is a better way. Business intelligence systems like Panintelligence can plug directly into your data sources – whether that’s Sage 200 or another database – so the information that’s reported on is always live and up to date.

Get real-time data at your fingertips, always

Much like responsive websites, best of breed business intelligence systems should work across multiple devices – particularly on tablet and mobile. Workers in the field therefore have access to data that’s important to them at all times.

Tailor-made reports

In the Panintelligence platform, it’s incredibly simple to create your own bespoke reports to reflect the information you need to see. Any new charts or graphs can be built directly through the user interface, with no coding or technical expertise required.

Get all staff on the same page

Instead of having individual staff or teams creating their own reports, in which they’ve analysed data from different sources in their own ways, a central reporting dashboard means everyone in the business is looking at the same information.

This means that all staff and teams are on the same page. Access rights can also be set up to ensure that people can only see the information that’s relevant to them, while other sensitive company data can be locked back.

Make decisions based on data you can trust

With inefficient reporting practices, it can be difficult to place a good degree of trust in the data you’re viewing. With data that’s live and always up to date, it’s far easier to make key decisions without having to wade through multiple databases or individual reports. 

Start saving time and resource on reporting, run meetings directly from your dashboard, and place more trust in your data than you could ever have done before. Scale up to a business intelligence platform and make life easier.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us by clicking the link below.


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