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'Faster' cable to be built under Pacific Ocean to deliver incredibly fast internet speeds

Posted on August 12th 2014


Google and five other large companies are teaming up to build a $300m (£179m; 225m euros) undersea cable under the Pacific Ocean that will deliver incredibly fast internet speeds.

The cable, dubbed Faster, will be operational by 2016 and connect the US with Japan and cost about, the consortium said.

The trans-Pacific fibre cable would deliver speeds of 60 terabytes per second – enough to send more than 2,000 uncompressed HD films a second.

Google is one of six firms to get onboard to fund the project, along with China Mobile International, China Telecom Global, Global Transit, Google, KDDI and Singte, with NEC Corporation also joining as system supplier.

“Faster is one of a few hundred submarine telecommunications cables connecting various parts of the world,” said Woohyong Choi, chairman of the consortium’s executive committee. “These cables collectively form an important infrastructure that helps run global internet and communications.

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