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The Benefits of Virtual Desktops

Posted 14th March 2023

Discover everything you need to know about virtual desktops and the many significant benefits of implementing these solutions within your business.

What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation refers to the use software to simulate hardware functionality and create a virtual computer system. This allows businesses to run multiple virtual systems, operating systems and applications on a single server. This has many benefits, including greater economies of scale, enhanced user experiences and increased operational efficiency.

Why is Virtualisation Technology on the Rise?

Virtualisation solutions, such as virtual desktops, harness the power of the Cloud. Cloud adoption has seen a significant increase in recent years, with more than 90% of all businesses now using Cloud technology in some capacity. The benefits of the Cloud are clear, with 62% of IT executives stating that they would migrate workloads to the Cloud for more flexibility and scalability and 47% citing elastic resource provisioning as a primary driver.

As the Cloud is extremely elastic and scalable, it is an ideal environment for businesses looking to grow. Cloud technology allows you to easily scale resources such as computing power, storage and bandwidth up or down according to your specific requirements. Cloud computing also enables high volumes of computing resources to be provisioned efficiently, reducing capacity planning pressures and improving flexibility and agility.

Despite common misconceptions, the Cloud is an extremely reliable environment. Thanks to its impressive data backup and disaster recovery capabilities, operating within the Cloud actually helps to improve business continuity and minimise downtime. 20% of Cloud users have reported that disaster recovery takes less than four hours in comparison to only 9% of non-cloud users – a very significant difference when it comes to valuable business data.

How Can Your Business Use Virtualisation?

One of the fastest growing uses of virtualisation technology is the virtual desktop. A virtual desktop is a virtualised computer which lives in the Cloud and is operated via the Internet. With a virtual desktop, all the features of a physical computer, including its operating system, processing power, memory, storage and network interface, can be accessed from any compatible device, at any time, via the Cloud. This accessibility is one of the primary benefits of virtual desktops.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Desktops?

Implementing virtual desktops across your business will help to modernise your operations and bring very real, tangible benefits to your entire team.

Adhere to Regulations

Virtual desktop solutions, like Azure Virtual Desktop, are designed to help businesses in highly regulated and data sensitive industries remain compliant. Azure Virtual Desktop is equipped with many compliance certifications, including ISO 27001, 27018, and 27701, PCI and HIPAA, to ensure that you adhere to data regulations.

Facilitate Workforce Elasticity

The modern business never stands still, and virtualisation solutions are designed to support this. One of the greatest benefits of virtual desktops is that you can deploy them extremely efficiently and scale easily up or down as your business demand changes. Eliminate the anxieties of on- and off-boarding employees: with virtual desktops, navigating mergers and acquisitions, hiring short-term employees and using contractors is a breeze.

Empower Remote Employees

Your employees can access their virtual desktop from anywhere with an Internet connection, making it an ideal solution for a flexible, remote working infrastructure. That’s exactly the benefit of virtual desktops: you can operate exactly as you want to. Whether you want to implement a Bring Your Own Device policy without sacrificing employee effectiveness or free branches and call centres from the constraints of an office, it’s all possible with virtual desktop solutions.

Embrace Specialised Workloads

Another significant benefit of virtual desktops is that you can leverage your chosen solution for all your legacy applications, design and engineering needs. You can also carry out software development and testing in a secure, reliable environment, according to your specific needs.

Drive Business Success with Virtualisation Solutions From BCN

Are you ready to embrace the future of work? At BCN, we can help you create the ideal virtualisation solution to meet your specific business needs and start leveraging the benefits of virtual desktops today. Get started today by exploring our solutions.

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