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Evo-supply Transit Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Build, manage, and track your inbound shipments using the Evo-supply Transit Management application

Evo-Supply Transit Management

The Evo-supply Transit Management application from BCN introduces advanced management of your inbound shipments within your Evo-supply solution. Whether you import via sea, road or air - we’ve got you covered!

Evo-supply Transit Management

Build, manage, and track your inbound shipments

If you import inventory by sea, road or air, the Evo-supply Transit Management application has extensive features to help streamline your operations. Forming part of the Evo-supply suite of applications, the Evo-supply Transit Management application is installed into your Business Central environment by default to provide full tracking of your inbound inventory.

  • Manage Factory Commitments

    Track factory dates directly from purchase orders and know when goods will be leaving the factory and are likely to arrive in the warehouse whilst adding the order. Use the in-built auditing to monitor any changes and the reasons they were made.

  • Direct to Customer Handling

    Manage Direct/Drop shipments directly from purchase orders; recording shipping & destination ports, departure dates and expected receipt dates. Use the in-built auditing to monitor any changes and the reasons they were made.

  • Full Transit Tracking

    More detailed tracking of your inbound inventory can be achieved using transit orders to detail the goods that are coming in, where from, and on what type of transport. If you have an overseas warehouse, transfer orders can also be used to transport the goods to your local warehouse.

  • Land, Sea, or Air?

    Track your orders regardless of how they are being transported. By configuring the type of transport being used (Road, Sea, or Air) you can then specify the type and size of the container/truck/cargo bay so that you have full insight into how much inventory you can transport in one go.

  • Manage Your Importation Process

    With full scheduling of your arrivals from Bill of Lading Date through to Expected Receipt Date, you will always be informed to the status of your inbound inventory. Using our transit times feature, defined shipping times can be combined to automatically calculate when goods can be expected based on a single date entry.

  • Keep Documentation Safe

    Keep all your documentation safe by attaching scans of relevant documentation to transit orders and maintain a single source of truth for your users. View them with our inbuilt document viewer.

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