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Azure DevOps

Build, test, automate and deploy your applications faster and more efficiently with Azure DevOps.


Azure DevOps supports a collaborative culture and set of processes that bring together developers, project managers, and contributors to develop software solutions.

transformative software

What is Azure DevOps?

Software is a critical tool of modern business. Whether it’s built to help us interact with customers, streamline internal processes, or drives operational efficiencies, software has been transformative to the ways in which we work.

Azure DevOps is an integrated development environment that enables you to build, test, automate and deploy software more efficiently. This Azure service is compatible with any cloud environment and platform, blending software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to bring about closer collaborations. Azure DevOps brings automation to your software lifecycle and delivers immediate, measurable benefits.

Integrated features

Features of Azure DevOps


Azure DevOps provides integrated features that you can access through your web browser or IDE client. You can use all the services included with Azure DevOps or choose just what you need to complement your existing workflows. See the full list of Azure services below:

  • Azure Boards

    Plan, track and manage workloads across teams.

    Azure Boards is the Azure DevOps built-in agile project management and planning tool. It enables easy collaboration between teams through agile tools that allow you to link work items and tasks to your pipelines. Azure Boards also gives you the power to create and track sprints, link backlogs, team dashboards, custom reports, and much more.

  • Azure Repos

    Access to the world’s largest repository.

    Azure Repos provides access to unlimited, cloud-hosted repositories. You can create or import repositories and manage them using your standard GUI or git CLI. Plus, you have the space to enter collaborations, building improved code through pull requests to Work Items and CI.

  • Azure Pipelines

    Supports continuous integration and delivery.

    Test, develop and deploy CI/CD workflows with any platform, language or cloud. Azure DevOps includes Pipelines, the CI/CD tool that enables the build, test and deployment of code, compatible with any language, platform, and cloud. This tool includes Build Pipelines, which allows you to build your application code using a host of pre-defined build tasks. There are also Release Pipelines, which are similar, but specifically deploy applications to servers.

  • Azure Artifacts

    Integrated package management.

    Azure Artifacts is the Azure DevOps built-in package management solution that allows you to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline fully. It’s also ultra-flexible, enabling you to host, create and share packages from public and private sources with your teams.


  • Azure Test Plans

    Planned and exploratory testing tool.

    Test Plan is a tool that enables you to test your application, improving code quality. You can create and run manual tests, choose automated analysis, and collect user feedback.

Added value

Benefits of using Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps enables you to speed up the time to value by automating code builds, testing, deployments, and releases, as well as security and policy checks. It promotes collaboration and transparency between development and operations teams, and automated quality checks lead to quicker issue remediation and higher software quality.

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    Faster time to market

    Optimise your delivery pipeline by automating code builds, testing, deployments, and releases. You can also automate security, policy and company checks.

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    Improved collaboration

    Azure DevOps promotes collaboration using a product-first approach that involves efficient communication and total transparency between software development and operations.

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    Better quality and stability

    Automated quality checks and verifications enable your team to spot and resolve issues quickly. In doing so, you have greater control over the process and increase the quality of developed software.

Implementing Azure DevOps

How BCN can assist you with implementing and using Azure DevOps?


Our teams will provide Azure DevOps Planning Services to improve your business’s software development lifecycle planning. We also provide Azure DevOps Migration & Implementation Services, managing migration, implementation, and upgrades, and a DevOps Managed Service, which offers ongoing configuration, support, advice, and development for custom solutions, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced productivity.

  • Azure DevOps Planning Services

    Improve your software development lifecycle planning with Azure DevOps. Benefit from BCN Group’s certified Azure expertise through our discovery and planning workshops.

  • Azure DevOps Migration & Implementation Services

    BCN Group can make your DevOps vision a reality by managing your Azure DevOps migration, implementation, and upgrade.

  • Azure DevOps Managed Service (DevOps as a Service)

    Our Azure consulting experts can manage, sustain and continually optimise your DevOps environments, providing you with peace of mind and enhanced productivity. This includes:

    • Ongoing configuration and development of custom DevOps solutions.
    • Continual support with integration, testing, and continuous delivery.
    • Expert advice and guidance for your development and operation teams.
    • Development and execution of your DevOps roadmap.

Our Azure DevOps process

Tap into our refined process for delivering and managing Azure DevOp services for our customers.

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    1. Assessment

    During our client discovery sessions, we will work to understand your workflow. Then, we will develop an Azure DevOps policy that fits perfectly with your requirements.

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    2. Plan

    Following our assessment, we will focus on developing a comprehensive plan to adopt Microsoft Azure DevOps. This process includes the methodology and tools set to be used. We will also provide information on the automation process through design, development, build, testing, upgrades and deployment of your current applications.

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    3. Implementation

    In this part, we implement our plan. Azure DevOps allows you to improve collaboration, making developing, supporting and maintaining your applications easier.

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    4. Training

    Our experts will equip your team with the knowledge they need to adopt and embrace Azure DevOps successfully. Should you require further help, we also provide additional training and even offer fully managed DevOps support.

Our Experience

Why choose BCN for Azure DevOps?

We’ve been providing Azure DevOps services and Azure DevOps projects since 2014, back when it was known as Visual Studio and have successfully managed and delivered thousands of projects for our customers. Our professional services team has extensive experience in assessing, designing, deploying and managing our customers’ Microsoft Azure environments.

If you’re looking to transform your software development by moving to Azure DevOps, then having the support of a trusted and experienced partner is highly recommended.



Customer success stories

Our Azure DevOps Customers

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London Stansted

Stansted Airport’s IT team needed a system that would show the lifecycle of the hundreds of on-going projects in a single view. BCN developed RADAR, a SharePoint Online site that gives senior leadership a single source of up-to-date information across the airports' on-going projects.

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