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Fully integrated software solution for auction houses.

Evo-auction is an evolutionary software from BCN built for successful auction houses, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Software solution

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Evo-auction is a suite of front and back-end management tools which seamlessly integrate to create a feature-rich software solution for use in auction houses.


What is Evo-auction?

Evo-auction has been designed to provide a seamless and cost effective, front and back-end content management integration for auction houses.

Reducing errors, speeding up processes and providing full reporting of auctions with full integration, Evo-auction creates a truly unrivalled user experience.

Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounts package this auction software integrates all the standard award-winning accounting features to meet the requirements of auction houses. Everything a successful auction house needs in one package.

Evo-auction application

Get help and advice from our comprehensive Help Sheets

Click the links below to access our practical step-by-step descriptions on how to use the Evo-auction application. Some of the examples may feature screen layouts which may appear different to your system due to customisation or restricted access permission to parts of your system.

  • Evo-auction NAV Helpsheets

    Access BCN’s practical descriptions and guides on how to use your Evo-auction NAV solution.

    Access our helpsheets here right
  • Evo-auction Dynamics 365 Business Central Helpsheets.

    Access our practical descriptions and guides on how to use your Evo-auction Business Central solution.

    Access our helpsheets here right


Evo-auction functionality

As the auction industry continues to evolve, greater emphasis is placed on the need for flexibility, visibility, and up-to-the-minute communications. Making greater use of emerging technologies, Evo-auction has rich functionality, allowing auction houses to deliver customer experience excellence.

Evo-auction allows users to see first-hand how auctions are performing, how profitable their auctions are, buying trends, and much more. See the full list of Evo-auction functionality below.

Or check out more Evo-auction features here

  • Full website Integrations

    Straightforward website integration solution

    Seamlessly integrate into your website to enhance your customer experience and streamline your internal processes, with a straight-forward, intuitive buyer/seller experience.

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  • Mailing Lists and Catalogue Subscriptions

    Integrated marketing feature puts your auction house firmly in the driving seat.

    This powerful tool is the new driving force to build brand awareness and support your growth plans.

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  • Advanced Inventory Management

    Record all product information

    Easily manage your inventory by utilising receipts to record all product information. Create lines to record, and tag with product descriptions, category, estimates, reserve, as well as custom fields.

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  • Barcoding

    Effective inventory management for incoming stock, tag with barcodes for easier tracking and control. Easily monitor the movements of your inventory and streamline operations.

    What is Barcoding Integration?
    Barcoding is an effective inventory management technique that involves labeling incoming stock with barcodes for easier tracking and control. With Evo-auction, you can easily monitor the movements of your inventory and streamline your warehouse operations. Barcoding can also be used for lotting up, ensuring accurate collections control, and improving supply chain management.
    This significantly reduces human error, minimizes manual counting and stock checks, and increases accuracy and efficiency in inventory management. Overall, barcoding is an effective way to optimize your operations and enhance your business productivity.

    Want to learn more? Why not check out Evo-auction features & functionality page

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  • Bidding Platforms Integrations

    Streamlined auction process

    Streamline the auction process by seamlessly integrating with your live bidding platform so your auction results are automatically imported, saving your back-office team hours of time on the day of the auction.

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  • Advanced Accounts System

    Help increase efficiency

    Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting software, Advanced Accounts System will eliminate the need for double entry of transactions in separate systems, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

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  • Advanced Photo Management

    An automatic solution

    Photos are integral to online actions but can be time-consuming. With Advanced Photo Management, you get an intuitive, automatic photo management solution enabling you to focus more time on auction preparation.

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  • Customer Relationship Management

    Take your business to the next level

    Everything you need to know about your customers, at your fingertips. Our customer focused CRM system will help achieve customer service excellence, with both at a glance and in-depth functionalities taking your business to the next level.

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  • 'Know your customer’ screening

    Spot potential risks

    ‘Know your customer’ (KYC) screening will verify the identity of your customers and assess any potential risks, such as non-payment. Assisting in mandatory AML compliance whilst still adhering to GDPR requirements.

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  • Auction Activities

    Help keep operational control

    Whether it’s pre-auction, on the day, or post-auction, our Auction Activities organisational tools will help your auction house get ahead of the curve, remain efficient and maintain smooth operational control.

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  • Condition Report Requests Management

    Excellent customer experience

    Achieve customer experience excellence with a well-managed condition report system, ensuring all requests are promptly addressed and that item condition is documented for future reference.

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  • Valuations Management

    Simplified submission requests

    Simplify the process of submitting requests for customers via your website, with the option to upload images and descriptions. Process requests quickly and appropriately and get a view of all outstanding valuations.

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  • Commission Bidding and Telephone Bids Management

    Increase scope and scale

    Adopt efficient telephone and commission bidding processes with our Bids Management tool, give your business the power to deliver a large number of auctions and lots each year with ease.

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  • Layered Introductory Commission

    Increased flexibility

    Automatic layered introductory commission calculations and reports. Our tool has been created to make setting the introductory commission rate as flexible and easy as possible.

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  • Artist Resale Rights

    Simplified process

    Simplify the process of calculating payable ARR by adding the amount to the relevant item invoice, saving you time, and streamlining your invoicing process.

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  • DocuSign

    Send and manage documentation digitally

    Evo-auction integrates with DocuSign allowing you to sign, send and manage documentation digitally, in a secure, trusted, and legal way. Features include receipt management, signing and sending documents, and tracking and storing documents.

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  • Collections Management

    Simplified inventory management

    A built-in collections module allows you to register buyers’ collections. Easily track when articles were collected and who by, simplifying inventory management for both vendor and buyers.

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  • Advanced Fees Module

    Seamless payment process

    Efficiently handle the charges of both vendors and buyers, whilst taking into account customer location and status for correct VAT calculation. Charges are automatically added to invoices, eliminating the need for manual calculations, ensuring seamless payment processing.

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Functionality & capabilities

Benefits of Evo-auction Software

Auction houses can benefit from the rich functionality, capabilities and integrations that come with the Evo-auction product suite, connecting to all parts of your business operations. Here are three core benefits that auction houses will get from investing in Evo-auction.

Interesting in learning more? Why not check out our Evo-auction features & functionality page

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    The fully integrated processes provided by Evo-auction take care of end-to-end auction activities, delivering speed and efficiency through the heart of operations. Having access to auction progress in real-time gives users' full transparency across the business, delivering exceptional customer experiences and financial insight.

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    Evo-auction provides a powerful solution for underpinning auction operations, providing a flexible and scalable platform with scope to utilise and implement additional and new capabilities as operations grow.

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    Simple to use

    Evo-auction reduces overheads, saving time and valuable resources to deliver streamlined operations, increased efficiencies and an optimal customer experience. Our teams have evolved Evo-auction's user interface to optimise usability and user-experience.

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Customer success stories

Get a deep dive into how our customers have harnessed evo-auction.

William’s Auction

William’s auction is based in Cheshire with over 40 years of specialist knowledge in the construction industry. They deliver unreserved auctions of Heavy Plant, Machinery, Agricultural, Construction Equipment and Vehicles. BCN made data & digital transformation work for them in a revolutionary way.

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Why work with bcn?

Been there, done IT.

BCN’s industry and software experts alongside our customer focus groups have developed the most feature-rich business management application for the sucessful auction houses, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our people and partnerships, end-to-end capabilities and experience make BCN the go-to-provider for ERP solutions.

For more information about BCN and our partners, click the link below.

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  • 400+

    Accredited Staff

    Our growing team have industry recognised accreditations and expertise from our leading in-house academy. We’re always one-step ahead, providing our staff with the latest in technical and business operations training and support.

  • 98%

    Customer retention rate

    Our customers remain partnered with BCN within the crowed managed service market. Our leading services, expertise, and people make us the go to provider for long-term managed it support services

  • 1200+


    We are the ongoing partners with over 1200 businesses across the UK and abroad, trusted to deliver leading IT support and digital transformation solutions for all aspects of their operations.

For more information on Evo-auction and pricing, please contact one of our experts.

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Frequently asked


  • Does Evo-auction make use of Business Central own inventory system?

    Yes, it can be layered by auction type, date or category.

  • Does Evo-Auction use Dealer Margin Scheme (DMS)?

    Yes, the system uses a simple Dealer Margin Scheme module, not global.

  • Is MTD (Making Tax Digital) available in Evo-Auction?

    Yes, being based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides access to all the functionality you would expect from modern ERP system. VAT return submissions can be done directly through Evo-auction, saving you time and eliminating the margin for possible error.

  • What is included in Break-even calculation?

    Within the setup you can define what is included in Break-even calculation, such as Buyer’s Premium, Vendor Commission, Discretion and Introductory Commission.

  • Can I use Signature capture?

    Yes, in parts of the system. For example, in Collections you can use a tablet to capture electronic signatures, which will be stored against document.


  • Can I produce carrier shipping labels?

    Yes, labels from Parcel Force, Royal Mail and DHL are available as standard.

  • We are a small Auction House, would Evo-auction be affordable?

    Yes, when you look at the bigger picture, you save on staffing costs through efficiencies, no need to purchase additional accounting software and more.

  • We have industry specific requirements, are you able to much our requirements?

    Yes. Unlike other auction software it is not one size fits all, we are highly customisable.

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